Nonprofit Strategic Plans: Realistic, Attainable and Usable

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compass_symbolsHeronGrace is experienced in creating nonprofit strategic plans that are realistic, attainable, and a highly usable tool for your board, staff and constituents. As we partner with your board and staff members through a process of creating, we can relieve you of an otherwise tedious process. Engaging your organization with a HeronGrace consultant who offers an objective outside-perspective and who can help guide you through the process is an essential component to your organizations success in writing your nonprofit strategic plan.  We believe strategic planning needs to be alive, fun, realistic and attainable. A familiar complaint of organizations is that they spend endless hours creating a strategic plan only to have it sit on the shelf and collect dust. We address this challenge by creating a visually beautiful and concise one pager that goes along with your more detailed strategic plan document.

This one page visual strategic plan document is designed to be clearly understood by staff, constituents and board members. Our experience is that constituents, staff and board members applaud the one page summary design idea coupled with the strategic plan document because it helps them to quickly understand the organization's strategic goals. This also keeps the your nonprofit strategic plan alive, fun and in the hands of everyone who will use it as a guiding document for their work. 

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