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As part of our NPO Toolkit we integrate the CiviCRM open-source constituent relationship management (CRM) database software to help you seed and grow the relationships with your members and supporters. CiviCRM is much more than just a contact database. Included with the database are these powerful components that give you more power to connect and engage your supporters:

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    Online fundraising and donor management.
    CiviContribute is an online fundraising and donor management component which enables you to track and manage contributions to your organization. It also allows you to quickly and easily create customized web pages to accept online donations. CiviContribute is fully integrated with CiviCRM, and creates or updates contact and donation records for all contributions, eliminating data entry time and errors.
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    Online event registration and participant tracking.
    CiviEvent provides integrated online event registration and management for paid and free events. It allows you to quickly and easily create customized web pages for event registration, and then track participants. CiviEvent is fully integrated with CiviCRM, and creates or updates contact records for all event participants, eliminating data entry time and errors.
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    Online signup and membership management.
    CiviMember provides flexible membership management for your organization, along with convenient online signup and renewal.
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    Personalized email blasts and newsletters.
    CiviMail is a robust mass-mailing component which allows you to engage your constituents with personalized email blasts and newsletters.
  • CiviReport Logotype
    Report generation and template management.
    CiviReport allows creating reports from templates with specific display columns, filters and grouping rules. Each template covers a general reporting area - for example: Donor Report (Summary), LYBUNT (Last Year but not this Year), etc.

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