About HeronGrace

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Efficient and Cost-Effective — HeronGrace was born of the idea that nonprofit software solutions need to be integrated for efficiency and ought to be reasonably priced. The first is common sense, and the latter is our personal mission.

Whether you are leading, marketing, fundraising, advocating, or managing your constituent database for your organization, the convenience and efficiency of Internet-based tools are logical methods for leveraging your efforts. That's why at HeronGrace there are no high-cost desktop software licenses or per-user fees charged to use our tools.

Our NPO Builder Toolkits are robust, open-source software solutions pre-bundled by us in configurations ideal for successful nonprofit organizations. We've done all the research and have designed systems that combine the best software, along with our own customizations to make them work better together as a whole than individually.

The founders of HeronGrace are two experienced professionals from diverse backgrounds.

lmack_headshot_1Linda Mack is our Chief Executive Officer who leads our consulting team and who has an extensive background in fundraising for nonprofits. Linda spent over 12 years as the Development Director, at High Mowing School, a private Waldorf Boarding School, where she lead two successful $3.5 million capital campaigns, and served as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions 

Linda is a long time conservation commissioner. She also serves as President of the Board of Directors with the Massachusetts Watershed Coalition. 

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B. Kimo Lee is our Chief Technology Officer, Marketing Director, and Director of Operations. He brings over 30 years of design, marketing, and technological experience in Internet-related digital media technologies to every element of HeronGrace's products and services.

From old-school marketing to new-school media, Kimo is a creative thinker that is quick on his feet — able to respond to the challenge of multiple, disparate requirements with a multitude of creative marketing solutions.

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We look forward to helping you grow your organization and acheiving your mission goals.

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Mission of Heron Grace: Providing small nonprofits with the functionality of larger organizations at a more manageable cost.

About HeronGrace

Great Blue Heron in flight.HeronGrace is a consultancy focused on providing fundraising and management solutions to nonprofit organizations (NPOs).

We offer a range of services and innovative products that are designed to maximize your return on investment.


Please contact us during regular business hours at:

249 Wallace Hill Road
Townsend, MA 01469

Website: www.herongrace.com