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Thumbnail imageAn important fact to consider when planning an event for your organization:  83% of nonprofit organizations in the US are operating with budgets of under $1 million making events — because of the up-front money required to hold an event — a fundraising option which without proper planning has the potential for a low return on investment (ROI). We feel that the planning phase of an event is of prime importance in order to maximize your ROI.

Defining and setting clear goals from the beginning are important. Are your goals to raise funds, build your community, get the word out about your organization, a combination of these, or something else more specific?

Let Heron Grace consult with you on your needs, resources and goals for your next fundraising event to insure success on all levels. 

Many experts say that with effective planning, special events can be one of the most effective methods of nonprofit fundraising. With an event, you can compress the identification, the cultivation and the ask all into one night. However, special events are not always about raising funds. You can also create an environment for all of your constituents to have fun and at the same time they may connect more deeply with your organization. Building a community and fostering the relationships that come from it can be a key to the longevity of your organization.

Events can take large amounts of effort, planning, and a fairly large return on investment at the end. But is it worth it, putting 3-6 months of sweat into an event that will net you $100k? HeronGrace will work with you to clearly identify the goals, purpose, and realistic return from your event to help your organization make a more informed decision. If you decide to move forward with your event, HeronGrace can provide the guidance you'll need to plan the event, marshall your resources, assign the needed tasks, organize the logistical aspects and run the event.

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