Nonprofit Board Development: Creating a Board That is Strong and Effective

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bdmtg_250HeronGrace provides an assessment to nonprofit organizations that will measure the effectiveness of the board of directors. We work with your organization to determine the current make-up of a board, in addition to identifying the needs and gaps on the board. We introduce the Eight Key Recommendations to motivate board members. Developing these strategies will help nonprofit board members become more effective.

1. Identify the organization’s expectations for board members.

2. Outline roles and responsibilities in a written board position description.

3. Educate board members that development is a process of building relationships, not just asking for gifts.

4. Illustrate how fundraising is directly related to the mission, programs and services of the organization.

5. Provide the necessary tools and information for board members to carry out their fundraising duties.

6. Train board members in the basics of fundraising methods and best practices that ensure greater success.

7. Use the development committee to encourage and coach members in their duties.

8. Recognize and reward board member and volunteer efforts.

We also aid your organization in developing a comprehensive board member recruitment and retention strategy, and lead in the development and implementation of a board peer review and performance appraisal.

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Mission of Heron Grace: Providing small nonprofits with the functionality of larger organizations at a more manageable cost.

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