Terms & Conditions

HeronGrace is committed to serving the entire nonprofit community. Our clients include charities, educational institutions, faith-based organizations, humanitarian groups, political campaigns, health organizations, advocacy groups and many others. We take great pride in providing nonprofits with the Internet technology and services they need to operate and communicate more efficiently and effectively.

HeronGrace is non-partisan and does not take a position on its clients' missions, beliefs or advocacy objectives.

HeronGrace seeks to work with organizations that share our commitment to equal opportunity and nondiscrimination. HeronGrace will not work with groups that promote violence, hatred, or racial or religious intolerance. HeronGrace will exercise its judgment in determining whether an organization violates the spirit of these principles.

In addition, the use of HeronGrace products or services for illegal purposes or in connection with activities that the company determines to be harmful to its reputation may be grounds for HeronGrace to terminate its relationship with a customer. HeronGrace's Acceptable Use Policy includes a more complete statement of our standards on these matters.